Transfers from Bodrum Airport to Kusadasi

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Transfers from Bodrum Airport to Kusadasi

Bodrum Airport Kusadasi Transfer

Our firm that serves transfers from Bodrum to Kusadasi ensures the best prices with top model cars. You can benefit from our Bodrum Kusadasi airport transfers. Kusadasi, which is a tourism paradise, is a town of Aydın. It is 60 kilometres far from the city centre of Aydın and 150 kilometres far from Bodrum airport.

By meeting you at Bodrum airport, we provide the fastest and safest trip as Bodrum Kusadasi airport transfers to get you to the place you want. Our transfer services are carried out with our latest model vehicle fleet and experienced captains.

Kusadasi Private Transfer

Kusadasi is a very famous tourist attraction in Turkey. Everybody should visit once in a lifetime. Besides its being a holiday resort for holidaymakers, it has a lot of historical attractions like Ephesus, the house of Virgin Mary  and the temple of Artemis. Every year, a lot of people come and visit these historically important places. Because they have great importance in the history of many civilizations and religions. There is also a national reserve park that you will fall in love with as soon as you get there. You must visit Zeus’s cave and swim in the lake inside of it. You can always get service from our Bodrum Kusadasi airport transfer firm.

Bodrum airport Kusadasi transfer

Is Kusadasi safe to visit?

Kusadasi is a holiday destination and touristic area that is a small town close to everywhere. Because it is small and it is western Turkey, no terrorist attacks have been reported. In addition to this, the government of Turkey places importance on safety and police forces. Whenever you need you can get help from Turkish police forces immediately. Local people also speak English fluently and they are always ready to help. 

Where else can you go from Kusadasi while you are there?

You can get service from our Bodrum Kusadasi airport transfer firm to get other places around Kusadasi as well. 

As we mentioned before, there are historical places and natural wonders like the cave of Zeus and the national reserve. From Kusadasi to Ephesus, you can get Kusadasi transfer from private firms or get on a minibus. It takes 20 min. most. To get to the national reserve, it depends on the transport you chose as there are boat trips, private taxis and rental car companies. If you take a public minibus it takes only 30 min.

Izmir is another metropolitan city of Turkey. It is also a historical city and tourist attraction. A lot of foreign people live there as well. It is one of the most preferred cities by foreigners to invest and live.