Best Things to do in Izmir for Every Age

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Best Things to do in Izmir for Every Age

Popular Things to Do in Ancient Smyrna

Spending Time in Izmir Beaches

Izmir beaches are very popular for tourists and there are so many Izmir attractions. Ilica Beach, one of the first places that come to mind when it comes to Cesme, is one of the most popular beaches with its shallow waters and white sand. Another important beach is Pirlanta Beach. This is also one of the places frequented by camping lovers. If you need any transportation service when you come to Izmir, our professional transfer company in Kusadasi will be waiting for you. 

Popular Historical Places in Izmir

If you need to look at the historical places as famous as the beaches of Cesme, the first of these is Caravanserai. Built in 1508 by Suleiman the Magnificent, the caravanserai is one of the important structures that have been preserved delicately until today.

At the same time, do not leave Cesme without visiting the Caravanserai, where you can shop. Famous for its wind and is another destination that is frequently preferred due to its proximity to Cesme, Alacati. There are many options to spend a good holiday in Alacati Izmir, which is one of the favourite places with its charming streets. Besides its beaches like Alacati, Kum and Mocca Beach, it is one of the beautiful places where you can have a pleasant time in its bays. 

There are many things to do in Izmir for every age. You can enjoy cultural cuisine such as Kumpir (stuffed baked potato), Izmir Kofte (meatball), Izmir bomb (traditional dessert made with Nutella), Lokma (famous street dessert) and many more.

The weather in Izmir is hot in summers, mild and rainy in winters. Izmir climate is very sunny and enjoyable. The influence of the Mediterranean climate is observed throughout the city of Izmir. It is recommended to go to Izmir in summer and spring. However, you can enjoy four seasons in Izmir for sure, because you will have a lot to do, taste, travel and visit!

Ephesus Ancient City- Celsus Library

Ephesus Ancient City- Celsus Library

There are four sculptures at the entrance of the Celsus library, which was built in 135 AD and is considered one of the most important works of the Roman period today. These are sculptures of women symbolizing “Destiny”, “Reason”, “Virtue” and “Knowledge”. However, the originals of these sculptures are in the Vienna Museum. Ephesus is home not only to the Roman period but also to the remains of the Archaic, Hellenistic and Ottoman periods.

 Ephesus, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, consists of four regions as Cukurici Tumulus, Ayasulak Hill, Ephesus Ancient City and Virgin Mary’s House. Hadrianus Temple and Artemis Temple are among the most important structures of the region. These places where gods were worshiped were also the marketplaces of the period. You can see the Ephesus in Paul’s time by visiting St. John’s Basilica and Isa Bey Mosque that are some of the must-see places. 

Tasting Wines in Sirince

If you wish, you can look at the special historical beauties in Izmir while enjoying your holiday. One of the most visited places by tourists in the Aegean Region is Sirince. You cannot return without tasting homemade wines in Sirince, which attracts attention with its charming streets and houses. Delicious wines and souvenirs will be waiting for you in Sirince, which makes a living from the tourists coming to the region. Also, things to do in Izmir will give you a lot to learn about the Turkish culture as well as our Izmir tours.