Living Abroad: Is Turkey a Good Place to Retire?

Haziran 2, 2021 0 Yazar: admin
Living Abroad: Is Turkey a Good Place to Retire?

What is the Best Place to Retire in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the best places to retire and we will talk about the cities in Turkey to retire in detail. Prepare for an avalanche of options if you’re looking for the greatest place to retire in Turkey. Indeed, rather than having to settle for less, you may choose your retirement destination based on your lifestyle preferences and budget. Many retirees live all over the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, relying on private pensions or withdrawal rates on high-interest savings accounts, although a few non-working expats prefer Istanbul.

Some people retire early to pursue their ambition of living overseas, while others postpone retirement and rely on their government income. Because of low costs and a favorable exchange rate, all retirees can enjoy a comfortable existence. The amount of money required will vary depending on where you choose to retire, but let’s take a look at the best retirement destinations in Turkey

1- Fethiye Region in Turkey (Mugla) for Budget

If budget and affordability are important considerations, consider the Fethiye region, which offers the experience of living on the beach. The small-town center of Hisaronu, as well as the resorts of Ovacik and Calis Beach, all have significant expat populations. The low rates per square meter for flats and villas are what attracts retirees the most. Stunning landscape beauty, plenty of sunshine, and a Mediterranean lifestyle, on the other hand, are all huge attractions.

2- Kalkan Region in Turkey (Antalya) for Luxury

If you’re seeking a luxurious place to retire, Kalkan is a good option. This site commands admiration for its vast, luxury homes, the majority of which open to a spectacular Mediterranean Sea view. Dining out and drinking in Kalkan is more expensive than in other places, but the town’s gastronomic reputation is built on exclusivity. 

2- Kalkan Region in Turkey (Antalya) for Luxury, Best Places to Retire in Turkey

3- Gumusluk Region in Turkey (Bodrum) for Nostalgic

Looking for retirement houses in Gumusluk is also a good idea. It has a nostalgic feel to it and appears to be stranded in time. In contrast to other parts of Turkey, Gumusluk is a slow-moving town. Evenings are for beach BBQs or dining at renowned seafood restaurants, while daytime is for pool relaxing. Many residents of Gumusluk own a car merely because the town center of Bodrum has a larger selection of shops and malls, but they also like the slower pace of life and, of course, the spectacular sunsets. Gumusluk is one of the best cities to retire in Turkey.

4- Yalikavak Region in Turkey (Bodrum) for Fame

Consider living on the seashore in rich Yalikavak if you enjoy sailing and a luxurious lifestyle. Yalikavak, located on Turkey’s Aegean coast on the Bodrum peninsula, is so well-known that it attracts Hollywood stars, Russian oligarchs, and Saudi monarchy yearning for a good life. Mega Yachts frequently dock here, and their owners dine in five-star restaurants along the harbor. It’s uncommon to find anything on the property market for under $100,000 USD in this affluent area, but anticipate the best in architecture and modern living. Of course, Yalikavak hasn’t forgotten about its history, and the ancient town is still standing. This is where you can feel the Turkish atmosphere on every street.